fooddeculture-big.jpg There is not one History of France but several, depending on a point of view based on political facts, usages or gastronomy. Food de Culture combines historical culture and French gastronomy to make up delicious gift sets including matching gourmet products. Nothing is left to chance to imagine the associations of goods: historical paintings, King’s writings, royal orders, history of official supplier, are some of the different sources of inspiration.

The result is a refined and delectable sourcing, where each detail is important, made with conscientiousness by Anne-Laure Faubert, the founder, a reserved woman, epicurean and sensitive, passionate about general culture and history.

The box “Sovereigns of France” is inspired by the life of a king, the architectural monuments built under his reign, his favourites and his main entertainments like hunting.

“Great Discoveries” is based on the major maritime expeditions from the 15th to the 17th Century, where coffee and tea were brought to the royal courts of Europe.
“Queens and Favourites” includes herbal teas, milk chocolate with broken lace pancakes and rose syrup.
The “Food of the Bible” is the latest creation and gathers the essential delicacies of the Christian culture like oil, honey, fruits and dates.

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