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Wednesday, February 14 2018

The festive and cosmopolitan fashion show, supported by LVMH

The theme of this new edition was promising: festive garments for the New Year's Eve, Valentine, the carnival or a National day popular ball.


Saturday, November 18 2017

Monumental textile sculptures next to the Boulevard Haussmann

From the Boulevard Haussmann, one can see the gardens of the surprisedly little-known Chapelle Expiatoire, though it was build in memory of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette.


Caviar and Bourgogne Aligoté, the new festive pairing

Caviar is historically associated with vodka. The tasting started with a spoon of caviar, followed by a sip of vodka to restore the taste, then again alternatively caviar and vodka, to create a gustatory balance, because caviar was very iodized.