The festive and cosmopolitan fashion show, supported by LVMH

The theme of this new edition was promising: festive garments for the New Year's Eve, Valentine, the carnival or a National day popular ball.

Montfermeil, small town located one hour from Paris in the North-East, is a cosmopolitan city with an involved municipal team: the result is, since 13 years, an annual fashion show, composed of volunteers and semi-professionals models and fashion designers, who present the different countries living in the town, through garments. 8 years ago, LVMH decided to support the event.

The burundian princess Esther Kamatari, first black top model in France, is an Extraordinary Ambassador of the Maison Guerlain: she is mandated by LVMH to coach the passing models on how to parade on a podium. But the princess' ambition doesn't stop there, along the four workshops called "I learn how to parade", she makes her best to give confidence to the participants, so that it will help them in their everyday life.

The first part of the show is dedicated to celebration traditional costumes, the second part to the 'Jeunes Talents' (Young Talents) prize, awarded by LVMH. The prize-winner will benefit of a professional support, have an internship and will participate in the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show.

At each country name displayed on the screen, we can hear shouts of joy, and the atmosphere still rises of a notch when models, encouraged by the clapping, begin to dance. Several countries, famous for their remarkable sense of rhythm, set 'fire' to the catwalk with a jubilant exuberance and joy, which puts everyone in agreement: on Saturday, February 10th, Montfermeil has indeed become the center of the universe.
photos © Justine Le Dortz

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