Autophoto at the Fondation Cartier

Autophoto at the Fondation CartierWhen looking through the windshield of a car, is a rectangular landscape, like taking a snapshot : Autophoto at the Fondation Cartier explores the crossover between car and photography from their origins.

Autophoto at the Fondation CartierThe first photographs date in the 1830’s and the shooting of moving pictures of 1880. A perfect synchronicity as the car favorably replaces horse-drawn coaches since 1889, because it allow to travel anywhere, at any time and latitude.

Back in 1900, the Michelin brothers start the topographical survey of the French roads; in the 1930’s, André Citroën organizes an expedition through Africa called «the black mission» and another in Asia called «the yellow mission» of 30.000 km each. Colour photographs were introduced at the same time while Leïca began to sell its legendary 24x36 camera.

It is not surprising that the car rapidly became a favourite subject in an experiment for photographers for its design, the revolutionary changes of lifestyle which it generated and the art of photographing the thrill of speed.

Racing cars in 1912, the 50’s in Africa, playful selfies in Asia or American cars of the 60’s, the exhibition recasts the common features between the car and the photography, in an eclectic and unusual scenography.

Auto photo at the Fondation Cartier, from April 20th until Septembre 24th, 2017>>
Photos © Andrew Bush, Ronni Campana, Alejandro Cartagena, Chinese photostudios, Lee Friedlander, Seydou Keïta, Justine Kurland, JH Lartigue, Oscar Fernando Gomez, Plossu, Luciano Rigolini
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