Day tutu and evening tutu

A tutu by FMKHow to be feminine with lightness and audacity wearing tennis shoes and be glamour in low-heeled shoes: by adopting the tutu.

Frédérique LeiningerFrédérique is a tutu designer. Tutu for the day, the afternoon or the evening, for a wedding or a birthday, as a gift or on dolls. She went as far as establishing workshops (a vintage tutu school), to make tutus out of old clothing : for her, the tutu is a true way of life.

« I was born in Côte d’Ivoire, grew up in Nice and studied fashion design at Morangoni school in Milan. Once I got my diploma, I specialised in eco-friendly fashion design by transforming old or vintage clothes into evening dresses. But I needed a more crazy challenge, something like an ultra-feminine garment, that could fit to all women: that was when I got the inspiration of the tutus.

The tulle is a very delicate material: cotton tulle goest into the manufacture of puffing tutus, that can be worn in the day or at night. Silk tulle lays gracefully over the textile from underneath and is perfect for wedding dresses. The tulle has existed since ancient times but was originally used as household linen, it is very recent that we also make clothes with it.

Couture houses never use twice the same fabric for two different collections : I buy back inventory tulle to make my tutus, which allow me to sell unique luxury tutus at an affordable price. For each tutu sold, I give part of the paiement to the French Cancer League in Paris.

When I showed my tutus to the director of the Paris Opera, he immediately loved the idea and asked me to create a capsule collection for the Gallery of the Opera. I chosed spring colours, to forget winter and will launch my second capsule collection on April 21st, 2017, in dragee colours, which will be available for sale for 72 hours.

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