Gardener of a rainbow of forgotten vegetables

forgotten vegetables in BolzanoDuring his trip to India, Harald discovered the harmony of working the land, the life punctuated by the seasons and the real measure of night turning into day.

Harald GasserBack in Italy, he rehabilitated the family farm and initiated the forgotten vegetable cultivation.

"I have always been fascinated by my grand-parent’s knowledge of the nature, their instinctive feeling of the seasons and the transformations of nature over the course of the year. I attended several seminars about Permaculture, and then began to grow forgotten vegetables. We diversify the types of vegetables to preserve the soil biodiversity, but also to protect the several kinds of forgotten vegetables, and prevent their disappearance. We practise reasoned agriculture without the use of artificial fertilisers, nor chemicals."

The must : Harald grows 16 different varieties of yellow, white or purple carrots, which all have a different flavour. The orange carrot that we are cooking today, was discovered in the 18th century. He is the supplier of several gourmet restaurants of the Province of Bolzano, and can sell to the public by appointment.

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