Once upon a time, there was an old-growth forest in Yunnan

old-growth forestOnce upon a time, there was an old-growth forest in Yunnan, where a very rare tea tree was growing, which was the ancestor of all teas : it was called the Pu’Er tea.

A family in the YunnanHowever, this forest had been one day threatened by deforestation. Joseff Margraf and his wife heard about it and bought the remaining forest, to conserve it. They reintroduced and carefully cultivated vegetation for several years, until they cross their path of a young enterprise of luxury cosmetic products, which was named Cha Ling.

With the support of its two illustrious godmothers LVMH Recherche and Guerlain, it took three years of research until Cha Ling discovered the secret formula of the tea care products with fewer ingredients. A sur-mesure infinitely reusable porcelain packaging has been manufactured, that reduces 70% of their carbon footprint.

Everytime we buy a refill, a tree is planted, the porcelain debris from the manufacturing are used in the road construction of the region, the moulds are adapted to become scent pad holders, the plastic refills are recyclable and the damaged porcelain boxes are retrieved and remanufactured.

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