Paperbacks made out of chocolate

Affaires Patissieres - Pastry AffairsWould could better offer paperbacks made out of chocolate, of which you choose taste and title, than a creative pastry specialist?

The name of the brand first intrigued me: "Affaires Pâtissières, 1815"
(Pastry Affairs, 1815).

Emmanuel Allasia, the founder, chose it in reference to the Foreign Affairs, inspired by the great French pastry chef Antonin Carême(*) who wrote a monumental "Traité de la pâtisserie ancienne et moderne" (High-pastry Traîté) in 1815.

Through his magnificent architectural pastry creations, this visionary Chef has made a significant contribution to French international influence, by highlighting pastry as an art and a science.

The receipt of the chocolate paperback is simple: take a Haute-Couture chocolate, from Peruvian cocoa beans, without soy lecithin nor artificial flavors, chose a Rose Grey's illustration or a Laurence Chabalier's photo for the cover, and imagine the title of the book.

The manufacturing process of chocolate is completely natural, with very small quantity of cocoa butter, to avoid waste of chocolate, when it is manufactured in small quantities. The packaging is hand made quite carefully, by workers with disabilities.

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