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Tuesday, May 23 2017

The everyday hat of the 21st century

hats by Genevieve ParoisGenevieve is hat designer for events or ceremonies, but especially for the everyday life.

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Saturday, May 13 2017

Once upon a time, there was an old-growth forest in Yunnan

old-growth forestOnce upon a time, there was an old-growth forest in Yunnan, where a very rare tea tree was growing, which was the ancestor of all teas : it was called the Pu’Er tea.

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Friday, May 12 2017

Gardener of a rainbow of forgotten vegetables

forgotten vegetables in BolzanoDuring his trip to India, Harald discovered the harmony of working the land, the life punctuated by the seasons and the real measure of night turning into day.

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Thursday, May 4 2017

Ultra-creative eco-friendly fashion in Bolzano

Re-belloThey are three, want to change the world, do something that they really enjoy to do and which allow them to earn a living: Re-bello was born.

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Thursday, April 20 2017

Day tutu and evening tutu

A tutu by FMKHow to be feminine with lightness and audacity wearing tennis shoes and be glamour in low-heeled shoes: by adopting the tutu.

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Thursday, April 13 2017

The seeds of the currant jam are removed with a skill

currant jamUnlike the redcurrant jelly which can be industrially produced, the currant jam is rare: and for good reason, because the seeds are removed with a skill and the recipe, that dates back from 1344, is a secret formula, which is owned today by only one company.

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Friday, April 7 2017

Limited edition of stool and Champagne bucket for chic picnic

The FabulleusesThe Fa’Bullous Seat is a stool, convertible to an unusual Champagne bucket for chic picnic. Produced in a limited numbered edition, it allows to cool seven bottles of Champagne, together.

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Friday, March 31 2017

The pomander, perfumed jewel for the neck

necklace pomander by Fanny KThe pomander was worn by the clergy and the nobility since the 12th Century: it is a partitioned ball made of gold or silver, hung by a neck-chain, in which were placed several perfumed amber balls.

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Tuesday, February 21 2017

The Emperor’s Honey, Champagne confit and rose syrup

Food de CultureQueen Anne d’Autriche introduced chocolate into France, king François 1er's wife gave her name to a kind of plum and Madame de Montespan loved honey candies.

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Wednesday, February 1 2017

Stanislas Draber, poetic florist in Paris

Stanislas DraberBetween the Odeon square and the Luxembourg Garden in Paris, an unusual flower shop is settled on a little street: Stanislas Draber, flowers, pieces of pottery, literature, terrace and gardens.

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